Gina (the_sunsetfades) wrote in wgquotes,

Will: Jack, Patti LuPone is trying to get your attention..
Patti LuPone: Would you mind if I sang?
Jack: SHUT UP PATTI LUPONE!! Shut your brassy magnificent trap! I do not wanna hear you sing. I don't wanna cut your hair, and I certainly don't wanna hear you singing while I cut your hair! Got it?! Now, I'm talking to my best friend, so back off Buenos Aires!!
Patti LuPone: People either love me, or they hate me.
Will: I don't believe you just did that. You spurned a Broadway legend for me.
Jack: Well, I wanted to prove to you that I really care about you, Will.
Will: And you did.
Jack: Really?
Will: Yes. And thank you. Now come on. We've got a diva to scalp.
Jack: Thank you, Will. I just hope she's not a screamer like that prissy Rue McClanahan..

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